Sunday, November 6, 2011

This week's cartoon

This week's cartoon is revisiting a local issue. A couple of weeks ago I did one about the Lancaster, PA train station currently being "renovated" but after spending many $$$ and many, many hours it was discovered that the only thing being renovated was the Amtrak offices, the roof and the parking lot. Much to the dismay of our mayor and the entire train commuting population.

This week some early bird commuters arrived at the station to find it locked and dark with only minutes before the first train was to arrive. The commuters broke in and made their way to the platform. Amtrak's response was that it was a mere "scheduling error."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ToonSeum visit

I had the great fortune last Saturday to be in Pittsburgh and along with visiting my favorite designer (and daughter) managed to finally get to the ToonSeum. It is a wonderful, tiny, gem of a museum dedicated to the cartoon arts, both stationary and animated.

The show that was up on the walls was a collection of Looney Tunes art. Character sheets, story boards, music scores, and cells of characters and backgrounds. Wonderful stuff from Chuck Jones, Robert McKimson, Sam Nicholson, Maurice Noble and recordings of the immortal, Mel Blanc.

I wish that I had more than my iPhone camera to record the visit. Sorry for the poor quality.

A very cool aspect of the show is that it was sponsored by the Acme Brick Company!