Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little late but here is Sunday's cartoon

Sorry for the late posting of this cartoon. We were part of the flood damage area and had to deal with some of Mother Nature's wrath. We were fortunate compared to many others.

Friday, September 2, 2011

We are not alone

Parents of prospective art college students often ask me: "What kind of jobs are there for illustrators?" I then proceed to tell them that almost all illustrators are "freelancers" and that we work out of our studios, usually found in our homes. I then get the hard stare of the protective mama and papa bear who fear for their cub and his or her future without a biweekly paycheck, health benefits, and  the possibility that said cub may never leave the den. I would always advise them that although it is not the life for everyone, it is the life for a certain few of us and that it can be very rewarding. 

When I started freelancing in 1989, I was in a distinct minority. Over the years with all of the ups and downs of the economy more people have joined the ranks. The "Gig Economy" Sara Horowitz describes in this first of a series of articles from The Atlantic, on the rise of the freelancer in our workplace. I don't know what it portends for our economy's future but at least it is nice to know we freelance illustrators are not alone anymore. 

Sara Horowitz is the founder of Freelancers Union, an advocacy group for independent workers like me.